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Amala skincare enhances natural beauty by embracing the individual and benefiting the world.
Nature gives us everything we need to look and feel beautiful. Our challenge is getting it from the soil to the skin without compromising the benefits or the earth.

We seek out high potency organic plants and custom distill them to ensure our ingredients retain their full therapeutic value. By protecting each plant's beautifying benefits, we're able to formulate extraordinarily effective skincare with proven results.



By choosing Amala, you choose to partner with us as we strive to beautify our world and those who call it home.


The effectiveness of our skin care is reliant upon the ingredients we source exclusively from our global fair trade farmers. Each plant ingredient is grown organically and sustainably in its native habitat to ensure peak potency. In addition, our farm partners' commitment to regenerative agriculture mirrors our own, and our long-standing relationships are an integral part of our environmental and social initiatives.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about radiant skin, responsible skin care, and how at Amala, they coexist.